Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Properly concluded insurance provide additional security payments and protect the interests of users of boats and yachts.

Object of insurance are hulls and equipment of boats and yachts, as well as the needs of the insured arising from the direct use of the vessel. Bulmer customers to offer insurance products of leading companies with years of experience in the insurance of vessels:

Pantaenius Yacht Insurance is a company with over one hundred years of experience in insurance. The company is a leading worldwide leader in insurance of motor and sailing yachts. Her extensive experience allows to offer not only standard insurance but coverage of various risks. Convenience for customers is that they can rely on 24-hour service at branches of the insurer in America, Australia, Europe.

Another insurer in Bulgaria, which offers insurance of boats and yachts Allianz Bulgaria. Insurance coverage, these companies offer are:

  • Casco – covers damage to the hull and all adjoining equipment required for the normal navigation / operation of the court and includes – damage to the hull, sinking, removal of debris, theft and vandalism, natural disasters, risks of transporting the vessel by drought risks raising and lowering of shipway;
  • Responsibilities to third parties / no crew members / and their property, port facilities responsibility collision; & nbsp; Third-party liability is the amount of the sum insured, but can be and other contractual limit and covers damages caused to the vessel collision liability; loss of life, injury or death, including the cost of saving lives caused aboard another vessel, the amount of the overdraft limit.
  • Additional coverage related to war, strikes and terrorism risks.

The amount on the shelves is determined by the type of vessel – boat, motor yacht, motor-sailing or just sailing from the scope of the risks covered, the inclusion of additional risks, periods of operation, the purpose of use. It depends on the type of navigation area, experience of the skipper and crew, radio-navigation equipment. The insurance premium is in the range 0.8% -1.5% of the sum insured.

Bulmer specialists consult their clients in choosing the right insurance company and help in shaping the documentation.