Boat Registration

Boat Registration

Customer convenience is important to us. For this service we offer registration of the vessel in the Maritime Administration and performing periodic examinations.

Under Decree № 1 of January 10, 2003 for registration of ships required to register all vessels with engines over 20 hp (15 kW) regardless of their length. Required register and boats over 4.57 meters (15 feet) independently of engine power.

In order 68 of 27.06.2011 of MTITC – IA MA published conditions for registration of the vessel – sailing area, eligibility for sailing in an area, the necessary navigation and safety equipment, which it must be equipped to operates.

Registration fees are regulated by Tariff 5 MTITC – Maritime Administration.

The necessary documents for registration are depending how to purchase the vessel. They duly must be listed name, model, serial number of airframe, engine / s and gear systems.

  • Invoice for the purchase;
  • Notarised purchase agreement;
  • Customs import declaration / if the purchase is made outside the EU /;
  • An important document which you must have if the boat is purchased from another country is the de-recognition of the respective Register of Shipping Certificate for Deletion of Vessel Documentation;

We offer project development and inscriptions with the name and number of the boat or yacht.